Archives / 2007 / January
  • Dramatic office revamp

    We have finished refurbishing the CherSoft Office just in time for Christmas. While there was nothing really wrong with the previous office layout it was all a bit boring, a little claustrophobic and lacked natural light. The layout now uses three newly installed light pipes which focus on a central area set out with a variety of plants. To make the best use of this splash of sunlight and greenery we have replaced all the standard partitions with glass. Now the office has a much more open and airy feel to it.

  • Henry chosen for NATO Bold Master 07 exercise

    CherSoft have supplied a custom version of Henry specially created to meet the exercise requirements. The objectives for the exercise are:

    • Exercise NCAGS personnel operating in a multinational environment
    • Enhance cooperation between NATO and shipping authorities
    • Exercise NCAGS procedures within the MCC staff
    • Exercise information exchange throughout the NCAGS Organisation
    • Exercise the Allied Worldwide Navigational Information System (AWNIS)
    • Evaluate of NCAGS procedures in particular Accompaniment

  • ENCX sales are up

    ENCXTM is the CherSoft chart kernel. It is performance technology designed to be easily integrated and deployed. Recently ENCXTM has been chosen by Memorial University, Raven Industries and Intelisea.

  • CherSoft survives disastrous Rotherham floods

    In 2007, widespread flooding hit the Sheffield and Rotherham area. Our main office was inaccessible for three days and power was cut off. Floodwater was literally within inches of the main door but fortunately none got in. Other businesses in the area were far less fortunate and the total cost to the area was substantial. Because of the distributed nature of CherSoft and the way that home-working is encouraged we were able to provide uninterrupted support to all our customers.