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  • Henry version 6.13 released

    A new version of Henry has been released, it includes

    • Improved overlay of S-57 data on ARCS charts.
    • Import and export of xlsx files using Henry Overlay Tool.
    • More options for the display of S-57 names and labels on the chart.
    • The settings for the display of chart catalogue outlines on charts are now persisted.
    • Fleet Tracking improvements.

    Details of recent changes can be found at

    Customers with a current support agreement have been contacted  about downloading the new version.

    You can trial this release by downloading the demonstration version from

  • Major upgrade of TdB has been completed by SHOM

    A major upgrade of TdB has been completed by the Service hydrographique et océanographique de la marine (SHOM). The upgrade to CherSoft’s TdB version 2.5 provides a complete workflow for managing all of SHOM’s Tidal Stream data in addition to the existing Tide Height data that has been managed using TdB since 2010.

    The new tidal stream facilities in TdB include

    •   Management of multi depth Eulerian tidal stream data and meta data and reference ports
    •   Data import from point and profiling stream gauges
    •   Quality assurance for tidal stream data
    •   Numerous types of graphical display of tidal stream data
    •   Creation of tidal diamond data for display on charts
    •   Scales to support thousands of tidal steam stations
    •   Display of all sites in context on ENC charts

    TdB 2.5 also supports the management of  tidal height data from thousands of tide stations and fully integrates stream and port data together.

  • Nuno Navigator is now available for RYA members

    The Nuno team at CherSoft Ltd are excited to announce that our navigation system is now available to all RYA (Royal Yachting Association) members.

    We have been working furiously for several years to produce a world class charting, planning and route monitoring system. In Nuno we have distilled our knowledge and expertise into a perfect package for navitaing boats and yachts.

    Nuno users are welcome to join in with the Nuno community. Our forums have questions, answers, comments, views and opinions. Our development team read and post here, come and ask us questions or tell us what you think. See the help section for tips and suggestions on using Nuno. In addition we publish articles about software, navigation and Nuno Navigator on our blog.

  • New release of Nuno Navigator available

    CherSoft released a new version of Nuno Navigator and it contains:

    Brighter AIS symbols.

    Warning if the application will be shut down during chart updating.

    Estimate Time of Arrival (ETA) at last waypoint and Distance To Run (DTR) to last waypoint now available in Route Monitoring view based on current Speed Over Ground (SOG).

    Arc line lable removed as zoomed out to declutter the chart.

    Chart properties improved to represent Caution Areas in a more compact form.

    Crash fixed that could occur at the end of chart updating.

  • Henry version 6.11 release

    A new version of Henry has now been released. New features include:

    • UK Hydrographic Office data. Admiralty Digital Radio Signals Volume 2 is now integrated into Henry. You can use Henry to access Admiralty Digital Radio Signals Volumes 2 and 6 and Admiralty TotalTide.
    • You can now use hyperlinks in all notes in Henry. This includes overlay points, waypoints, boundaries, pencil lines and annotations. You can also use hyperlinks in document notes.
    • Several data improvements to the Henry Overlay Tool used for importing and exporting data from Henry.

    There have also been some minor improvements and some bug fixes.

    See the release notes for more detailed information

    You can trial this release by downloading the demonstration version from

  • CherSoft Ltd. secures patent for ENC compression

    CherSoft Ltd, have been granted patents from the Intellectual Property Office (UK) and the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its ground breaking ENC compression mechanism.

    ENC data is set to become ubiquitous in marine chart supply. With the mandatory ECDIS carriage requirements it seem likely that the majority of commercial vessels will be using ENCs by 2018.

    Internet access for modern vessels is increasingly common but is generally slower, less reliable and more expensive than terrestrial broadband. Despite these issues there is a clear trend towards remote delivery of chart data and updates. Optimal use of the available bandwidth through the deployment of advanced compression technology is paramount.

    CherSoft have developed ENC compression techniques and algorithms over several years to promote the use of remote updating and to help drive down the costs of marine Internet access. Typically the CherSoft approach can reduce the bandwidth requirements to 50% of that required by the standard S-63 and Zip transmittals. In some circumstances even more compression can be achieved.

    For more information please contact Christian Relling

  • PRIMAR issues ENC Distributor Certificate to CherSoft Ltd.

    CherSoft Ltd. announced that it has signed a distribution agreement with PRIMAR for the supply of official electronic charts (ENC) for the international maritime market, both professional and leisure. Here at CherSoft, creativity is key, and our highly motivated team drives innovation and perfection to provide first class products and services. At the core of our business are a family of proven technologies. Using these technologies, we build systems from consumer products to complex data management systems, from shipboard navigation to back office planning tools. Christian Relling, Business Development Manager, says “official ENCs are the only option for the shipping industry, and increasingly for the leisure market, to meet requirements”. He continued “this distribution agreement for official ENCs will support our customers to comply with these requirements.”

    For further information please contact Christian Relling at CherSoft Ltd. - +44 (0)1709 555035 – ext. 318 or