New Contract Award from UKHO

Lights and Radio signals books

CherSoft are pleased to announce an important new contract with the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office.

We have been selected to implement a new workflow system to support the UKHO's production of Admiralty List of Radio Signals (Volume 6) and List of Lights data.

Using our high performance chart display system, the UKHO will be able to view, input and amend data in both these important datasets with massively increased ease, flexibility and control.

CherSoft is particularly pleased once again to have been selected to support one of the world's leading producers of marine data, and to have won the contract in competitive tender against a field including global corporations.

We believe this reflects considerable faith in our ability to provide efficient solutions to challenging problems and builds on our experience delivering a number of projects to the UKHO, including Admiralty TotalTide and Admiralty List of Lights applications.

CherSoft Director Simon Salter says:

"This is very exciting for us. We had already developed significant expertise with this data through our work on several generations of the Digital List of Lights, EasyTide and TotalTide applications. Integrating backwards to support the data production was a natural step. This project is using our chart display system to control the data production process, which is a good example of its power and flexibility. We're now working very hard to make sure we get it right - but our track record speaks for itself there."

Henry, the navigation system that forms the underlying technology for the project is also making progress in its own right and has been sold to thousands of customers in various forms - including the UKHO. There have been recent sales to the Mediterranean Shipping Company, and plans to launch a chart display kernel for software developers are well-advanced.