Nuno Navigator released

We are ecstatic to announce the first full release of the commercial version of Nuno™ Navigator.

This marks the end of the beta trials. Many thanks to all the people that took part.

Nuno has come a long way since we started. This release includes many improvements:

  • Track Log. See where you have been, and save useful bits for later.
  • Anchoring Mode. See seabed features only when you need them. More.
  • Chart Overview. Makes moving around the chart easier, and shows you more information about the charts themselves. More.
  • Quick light recognition. Hover over a light on the chart and see a graphical display of its characteristics. More.
  • Data Import and Export. Save your tracks, routes and places as GPX data or KML (Google Maps). Load data from lots of sources into Nuno Navigator.

In addition there have been the usual bug fixes and lots of minor improvements which just make Nuno easier to use.

Nuno is available at the absurdly cheap price of $100 for which you get and indefinite license to use Nuno and a one year subscription (worth $50) to chart updates, Nuno updates, support and other good things. More.