Release of Henry

A new version of Henry has now been released. This includes the following improvements:

  • Support for the latest S-57 ENC presentation as defined in S-52 Ed 4.0.1
  • Improved display of Shape File data - this now has nice smooth anti-aliased lines
  • AML V3 data can now be imported into the SENC.
  • Full support for PAYS (Pay As You Sail ENC chart licensing).
  • Improved handling of changing to a different chart database when opening a workspace.
  • Improved main menu layout. “Display” is now a top level item.
  • “Find a chart” and “Open chart” now allow you to choose the type of chart.
  • Can now create an overlay document from plain text in the clipboard that contains latitude and longitudes.
  • Improved S-57 presets now contain the S-57 usages settings.

Details of recent changes can be found on the Henry support site.

You can trial this release by downloading the demonstration version.