What's happening at Chersoft


  • A weekend of programming, music and burritos

    We had a great time at the Student Hackathon event in Sheffield this weekend.

    The event is a programming marathon, where teams have the challenge of creating something new and exciting in just 24 hours.

    Held at The University of Sheffield, over 250 people attended and spent the weekend turning their ideas into reality.

    As an event sponsor, we were able to spend time with the teams and run a competition for the most innovative use of geodata. With so many cool hacks to choose from, judging the winner was tough. A recent holiday to Africa was the inspiration for the winning team, Map My Game, resulting in software to identify and locate animals in game reserves for tourists.

    Well done to the Map My Game team - their innovative design saw them win Amazon Echo Dots.

    You can find details of upcoming hackathons on the Major League Hacking website.

    Are you a talented student programmer looking for your first programming role or heading for graduation? We are always on the lookout for talented people. You can find out more about working for us on our careers page.

  • WENDIS Viewer version 3.9 released

    We are pleased to announce the release of the latest update of WENDIS Viewer.

    Sold via Copenhagen based chart distributor Weilbach (Iver C. Weilbach & Co A/S), WENDIS Viewer is a back of bridge passage planning product.

    This latest release strengthens the planning features of the product. It also allows it to work to complement the ECDIS at the front of bridge, to provide a full planning solution.

  • Release of Pay As You Sail v1.4

    The latest version of our Pay As You Sail (PAYS) system has been released to our distributors.

    v1.4 of the system significantly reduces the administration required by distributors to provide ENC chart services for their customers, as well as improving the timeliness of data and permit delivery to vessels.

    This is achieved by enabling the automatic download of chart permits for vessels enrolled in our PAYS system. Prior to this update, chart permits were manually updated by a PAYS operator at the distributor. The more vessels that enrolled to the PAYS system, the longer the manual updates took, seeing an increase in administration time. This update eliminates the administration time needed to update chart permits.

    Our new release also supports any changes made outside of the weekly update, including new non-PAYS chart purchases and modifications to the user permits registered against a vessel.

    The PAYS system ensures the latest charts are always on board as the back-of-bridge updating system obtains the latest versions from the PAYS service. It then outputs them as part of a fully up-to-date exchange set for the ECDIS.

    For more information, visit our PAYS product page.

    Contact us to discuss how PAYS can meet your marine chart purchasing needs.