What's happening at Chersoft


  • Announcing Mission Manager

    Mission Manager is a complete software solution for planning, rehearsal, operational delivery and review of military or business critical activities.

    The CherSoft Mission Manager consists of a Mission Planning (MP) station and a Mission Monitor (MM). These components work closely together to provide all the functionality needed to prepare, execute and analyse a mission.

  • NLTides 2012

    We are proud to once again have worked with the NL Hydrographic Service to produce a new version of NLTides for 2012. NLTides is a version of the TotalTide application tailored for the Hydrographic Service of the Royal Netherlands Navy. NLTides incorporates the Dutch tidal prediction data and algorithms to produce accurate and reliable tidal predictions for the Netherlands and surrounding areas.

  • Charitable Donations

    CherSoft make donations to a number of charities each year.  Visit our charity page for the charities we are supporting this year.