What's happening at Chersoft


  • Marine IT & Electronics (MITE)

    The June/July edition of MITE published by The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology features an article interestingly entitled "How to fit an elephant on a 19-inch screen". This discusses computer screens, big computer screens and half double elephants of course. The article is based on musings in the Nuno blogs. You can visit the website for the MITE magazine.

  • Windows Phone Application

    • Where’s that darn moon?
    • Am I in danger from lycanthropes?
    • If I go down on one knee will she be able to see the romantic moon behind me?
    • If this only happens once in a blue moon then when will it happen again?

    The answers to these and many other lunar questions can be in the palm of your hand with the Moon application that we released this week. Using this handy application you can determine:

    • Altitude, Azimuth, Distance, Illumination
    • Next phases
    • Rise and Set times

     All for the remarkably modest price of £0.79.

    The technology behind this application is interesting. We ported some of our core library code into C# and used XAML to create the User Interface. This all worked remarkably well and we anticipate other applications, possibly more directly related to marine navigation, before too long.

  • Nuno Navigator released

    We are quite besides ourselves in announcing support for UK charts in Nuno™ Navigator.

    After long and intense negotiations with the UK Hydrographic Office we have secured a deal for a wonderfully complete set of charts that go all the way around the coasts of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

    This fantastic new version of Nuno, with all these beautiful charts, is available for the ludicrously low price of £120 (inc VAT).

    For this you will get ActiveCaptain, chart updating, automatic GPS detection and a whole raft of other lovely features that will enhance your life and make you a better person.

    Get more information here or get on with downloading the trial version and give it a go.