What's happening at Chersoft


  • DevWeek trip

    CherSoft's Carl Wright and Andy Nibbs went down (or is that up?) to London's retro-futuristic Barbican centre for the DevWeek 2011 conference. Once again DevWeek was a well organised and well attended conference, many thanks to BearPark publishing and all the speakers.

  • CherSoft takes to the skies

    John and Graham from AtoBviaC popped in to visit us the other day. We like AtoBviaC and have worked with them for many years. They created a computerised version of the BP Shipping Marine Distance Tables. This is a very sophisticated route planning system that accounts for a myriad of details in producing routes suitable for a wide range of vessels. The initial routes are crafted by a group of Master Mariners using our Henry navigation system. These are then managed through their clever ‘distance engine’ which makes them accessible in a variety of ways. John flies a Socata TB20 aircraft which is a lovely single engine four seater and quite the ideal way to make a quick visit across the other side of the country. Luckily for us he allowed us to commandeer the plane for a quick look round which also gave us a chance to ‘buzz’ the office.