What's happening at Chersoft


  • Release of ENCX 4.2

    We are pleased to announce the release of ENCX version 4.2.

    This release focuses on better support for the themes found in AML V3 cells. ENCX now treats AML V3 themes as separate S-57 products, making it easier to turn the drawing of cells with the same theme on or off and to change the z-order they are drawn in.

    You can find the full details of the updated features and bug fixes on the ENCX website.

    ENCX is a comprehensive SDK for adding marine charting functionality quickly and easily to third-party software. It allows designers to build a wide range of software and supports vector, raster and all major chart formats.

    It can be added to almost any system at any stage in the design cycle with as little as 19 lines of code.

    Try ENCX for yourself and download the latest free demonstration software from the ENCX website.

  • Release of Henry

    A new version of Henry has now been released. This includes the following improvements:

    • Support for the latest S-57 ENC presentation as defined in S-52 Ed 4.0.1
    • Improved display of Shape File data - this now has nice smooth anti-aliased lines
    • AML V3 data can now be imported into the SENC.
    • Full support for PAYS (Pay As You Sail ENC chart licensing).
    • Improved handling of changing to a different chart database when opening a workspace.
    • Improved main menu layout. “Display” is now a top level item.
    • “Find a chart” and “Open chart” now allow you to choose the type of chart.
    • Can now create an overlay document from plain text in the clipboard that contains latitude and longitudes.
    • Improved S-57 presets now contain the S-57 usages settings.

    Details of recent changes can be found on the Henry support site.

    You can trial this release by downloading the demonstration version.

  • New arrivals at CherSoft

    We are very pleased to welcome some new faces to the CherSoft team.

    CherSoft is constantly trying to better understand how mariners use our products in order to provide a better experience. We've now taken this a step further by appointing Roger Jones as Master Mariner to CherSoft. Roger obtained his Master Foreign-Going Certificate in 1968 and is an extremely experienced seafarer with decades of experience on many classes of vessel, from Ro/Ro ferries to small commercial craft. Since retiring he has become a keen yachtsman, sailing extensively in the Atlantic and Pacific. Roger adds to the wealth of nautical expertise at CherSoft and provides an invaluable link between us and our end-users.

    Also joining us is Owen Johnson, who joins us as part of the AtoBviaC Distance Tables team. Owen will be helping us to maintain the highest-quality ships' routeing database in the world, covering over 3,000 ports worldwide, and trusted by some of the biggest names in the shipping and offshore sectors.