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Our software packages

We design enterprise software that allows organisations to easily obtain, consume and process large quantities of marine data, while displaying it beautifully and providing meaningful results.

If your end users need a solution for their marine focussed problems, we have the expertise to design the perfect solution.

Below you can see examples of our software solutions:


    Advanced passage planning and route monitoring system to provide the support infrastructure needed by ECDIS

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  • ENCX

    A comprehensive toolkit for building applications with marine charting functionality

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  • Nuno Navigator

    A world-class navigation system that provides the perfect platform to bring ENC charts to the leisure and workboat markets

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  • Tides Database

    Tides Database is a system for recording, editing and publishing tidal data

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  • Pay As You Sail

    Pay As You Sail system in partnership with chart agent Weilbach

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  • AtoBviaC

    AtoBviaC is a family of products providing accurate and reliable marine distance and route calculations

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  • UCS Web Service

    Patented compression technology dramatically reduces transmission bandwidth to update charts using a satellite connection

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  • Henry Charting System

    A professional Windows application for marine navigation and charting

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  • Mission Manager

    A complete software solution for planning, rehearsal, operational delivery and review of military or business critical activities

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