Mission Manager

Mission Manager is a complete software solution for planning, rehearsing, delivering and reviewing marine activities from a central location.

It is the ideal solution when routes must be planned for multiple vessels; operations need tracking, and when space, skillset and conditions on board limit the use of a full navigation system.

Using official ENC charts, the routes are planned in a central location (office or back-of-bridge) before being transferred to the vessels that will follow the plan. The system tracks and logs the voyage, allowing route efficiency analysis and auditing to take place.


  • Supports multiple chart types - raster, vector, military formats
  • Integrated with ADMIRALTY Digital Publications, including TotalTide
  • Automatic updating of charts
  • Escape and emergency route planning
  • High performance display, intuitive interface and high quality chart display
  • Range of planning tools including routes, boundaries, points and annotations
  • Minimal user interaction needed on board to follow the route

Application examples

  • Cruise ships using tenders where the skilled planners are on board the cruise ship
  • Military operations using vessels such as submarines in difficult conditions
  • On board RIBs and other small craft where space is limited

Mission monitoring

Mission Manager provides situational awareness and guidance in environments that may be physically and psychologically difficult. It provides the information that you need, when you need it. This makes it perfect for military operations to plan, execute and monitor missions as they unfold and then analyse the success.

The system

Mission Manager consists of a planner station for use in a central location (back-of-bridge or in the office), and one or more monitor stations for usage on individual vessels.

The planner station integrates a wide variety of navigational information with a chart backdrop, to support the creation and distribution of detailed routes, in a central location.

The monitor station is a chart plotter application that takes a plan, including route, official ENC charts, and other necessary information, and provides a clear and uncluttered display for following and logging the route.

Plan the route

Plan multiple routes in one central location quickly and easily. Fully integrated ADMIRALTY Digital Publications provide easy access to the information needed to plan the route, including tides and radio signals.

Routes are marked up with labelled areas, lines and points, for greater clarity when following the plan.

In the event of an emergency, escape and emergency routes need to be available immediately. Mission Manager allows for the planning of contingency routes, alongside the main route, and for them to be available immediately, if required.

Export the route

Once the route has been planned, the full route, areas, lines, points and ENC charts are quickly packaged up and exported to the vessel(s). Multiple vessels can follow the same route and numerous routes can be planned for multiple vessels.

Follow the plan

Minimal user interaction with the system is required on board the vessel to follow the pre-planned route, saving time and eliminating human error.

The display shows speed and bearing, a six-minute vector, cross-track error, distance to run, estimated arrival time and VRM/EBL. Information is presented in an uncluttered display, allowing the full screen to be dedicated to the chart, making it easy to follow the route.

Analyse the plan

Logs from the route sailed are tracked and transferred back to the planning location to allow analysis. This is invaluable when evaluating effectiveness for future planning and audit.


A single Mission Planner licence will support:

  • A single seat of planning software for central planning location
  • Two instances of monitoring software for the vessels
  • Support and upgrades for one year

Depending on the nature of operations and business requirement, the support period can be extended and the licence model varied.

System integration

The planning software is suitable for building into dedicated hardware on board a vessel.
Custom hardware controls can:

  • Set the orientation of the chart. One of: North up/Course up/Heading up
  • Set a specific display scale
  • Zoom in and out
  • Display/Hide the VRM/EBL at a specific pixel location

Screen space can be maximised by hiding the window borders and title bar.

An extended programmatic interface is implemented which allows considerable control over the behaviour of the monitoring part of the software. This supports integrating the system with other mission technology and tailoring the system to a particular environment.

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