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What we do

What we do

We design highly accurate, reliable software to provide the marine industry with the products to plan, monitor and measure marine data.

Our systems are good at handling large amounts and different types of data, processing it quickly and presenting it in clear, uncluttered and easy to use formats.

The high quality solutions we offer range from off-the-shelf systems to complex data management solutions.

We work with Hydrographic Offices and chart distributors to manage the transition from a paper-based industry to a digital environment. To make this move as easy as possible, all of our solutions are intuitive, easy to use and engineered with the end user in mind.

Our experience shows us that building strong and lasting relationships with our partners and clients enables us to provide the best solutions for their customers.

Our areas of expertise

  • Chart drawing

    With our responsive and good looking chart display system, we can draw any kind of electronic chart with any kind of geospatial data overlays on it.

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  • Data management and workflow

    We support experts in efficiently adding value to large datasets by simplifying the searching, checking, editing and analysis of large volumes of survey data.

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  • Real time navigation

    Our fast chart drawing, data display, sensor integration and route monitoring solutions give bridge officers the best possible situational awareness.

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  • Voyage planning

    Integrating and prioritising information to provide an optimal environment for making navigation decisions.

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  • Marine data distribution

    Supplying and updating a wide variety of data streams into vessels and back offices. We are experienced in the challenges of shipboard internet access.

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  • Tide analysis

    We have a deep understanding of tidal data, from survey data analysis through to the generation, distribution and display of tidal predictions for ports and streams.

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