AtoBviaC is a family of products providing accurate and reliable marine distance and route calculations.

The route legs are all created manually before being reviewed by a Master Mariner. This produces far more realistic voyages than those generated entirely using a computer algorithm.

Our Marine Distance Tables are compiled using the route legs, and have a long history of being the definitive distance provider to the shipping industry. They continue to be the standard for marine distance calculations.


  • Recognised in the industry as being the definitive standard for marine distance calculations
  • Route legs reviewed by Master Mariners to ensure route calculations are accurate and reliable
  • Regular releases are issued to maintain accuracy
  • Allows the user to change the routing between ports
  • Delivers the shortest realistic route (for our standard vessel) as default
  • Calculates distances within Emission Control Area (ECA) zones
  • Coverage of oil, dry bulk, gas and container ports
  • Displays useful overlays such as ECA zones and piracy areas

Product details

We have a variety of products designed to give you the most cost effective solution possible:

PortToPort Online
The online version provides access to the AtoBviaC Marine Distance Tables over the internet.

PortToPort Desktop
The desktop version can be installed on a Windows PC and provides offline access to the AtoBviaC Marine Distance Tables.

AtoBviaC Web Service
The Web Service allows the Distance Tables to be integrated into other applications.

Distance Tables Matrices
These are perfect if you need a relatively small subset of distances between specific ports.

More information

You can find full product details of the full range, including pricing, on the AtoBviaC website.
If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help.