ADEPT is an advanced passage planning and monitoring system that complements the ECDIS by providing the essential support infrastructure. This back of bridge system can plan safe and economical routes automatically – enter the ports to be visited and ADEPT does the rest.

The accuracy and speed of the system saves time, reduces the risk of human error and the touch-friendly intuitive user interface makes it very easy to use. ADEPT is the product we were born to make.


  • Automatically generates accurate routes built by, and continually updated by, Master Mariners
  • Access additional ADMIRALTY Digital Products data direct, to overlay the chart with Tides and Radio Signals data
  • Touch-friendly intuitive user interface makes the software easy to use
  • Comprehensive meteorological overlays: wind, sea state, pressure, water current, sea ice and typhoons can be download from Vento Maritime on demand
  • Predicted weather for configurable areas
  • Quick and easy to create, edit and manage routes and overlays, calculating departure, arrival times and leg speeds
  • Overlay points, lines, areas, annotations and routes on the chart
  • Simple and robust overlay management allows route data to be exchanged with the ECDIS and export route reports for passage plans
  • Quickly downloads and displays ENC charts, displaying them in an uncluttered format

Example applications

  • Route planning for large vessels and containers in the oil industry
  • Fleet vessel monitoring for off-shore industries, such as work boats servicing wind farms


ADEPT removes the inefficiencies of traditional route planning by accurately creating realistic routes automatically and quickly.
The same high level of accuracy and automation monitors the route to keep the vessel on track.


Safety at sea is vital to a successful voyage. Plan the safest route by overlaying weather charts onto the display.
It is highly responsive and presents comprehensive meteorological overlays on a clear and uncluttered display.

Voyage optimisation

The shortest route isn’t necessarily the most efficient or practical route. ADEPT plans the most practical and shortest route by default, benefitting from the routes having been built by Master Mariners instead of a computer algorithm.

The built-in ECA zone management allows routes to be planned avoiding costly and time-consuming fuel switching.

Sailing through bad weather can be unsafe and use more fuel than sailing in good weather. With the weather overlays, routes can be planned around predicted bad weather to optimise fuel usage.


Additional products are not necessary as ADEPT provides all the data you need in the one solution. This will save time in planning and reduce costs on complementary products.

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